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Transform your book idea from dream to reality.

I help busy professionals and industry leaders write a book in just months.

200 million Americans say they have a book inside their brain…



But only 3% actually get it onto the page. 

Business Insider, 2021.

I debunk these myths:

Your book needs to be long.

The definition of the novel is changing drastically. Books are getting shorter. From 2011 to 2021, the average length of a New York Times bestseller decreased by 11.8 percent. Here it is, graphed:

You need lots of time to write a book.

I save you from writing and editing frivolous drafts. No more random scribblings and half-written pages that don’t seem to go anywhere. No more wasted words. With adequate structure and support, writing a book can be done in just a matter of months.

Most people take ages to finish their books because they lack an organized system.

Most people take ages to finish their books because they lack an organized system. I create a custom program for you that works around your schedule and needs. I also offer services where you can speak your story and I’ll record the words onto the page – saving you from spending time writing ‘off-the-clock.’

You can’t get organized if you’re creative.

Great writing flourishes in structure. I’m a creative personality myself, but would never have been able to finish my own book by deadline had I not developed a routine. My publisher told me only 10-15% of authors finish their books on-time. I did. Inspiration is a habit, and a customized system tailored to your schedule will ensure you meet your goals with passion and ease.

• If you can speak it, you can write it. • If you can speak it, you can write it.• If you can speak it, you can write it.• If you can speak it, you can write it.• If you can speak it, you can write it.• If you can speak it, you can write it.

This is how we’ll finally get your book done.


Tell me all the snippets, vignettes, and scattered ideas on your mind. I will write everything down, creating a breathing structure and outline.


Using the outlines from the ‘braindump’ phase, you will begin writing your own chapters. Don’t worry: expectations are low. Sloppy first drafts, keep it messy.


Now with your words on the page, we work together in a series of sessions, collaboratively editing. Read your work out loud to finesse the copy to perfection. Here we focus on pacing and style.

Prefer to talk rather than write?

Some clients have a great story but lack the time or energy to write a book. If this sounds like you, then simply speak your ideas out loud and I will record your story down on the page for you. Whatever your needs are, I promise I will make it easy for you to finally get your book done!

Hi, I’m Amanda.

Literary magic extraordinaire

I serve as your trusted advisor – with proven professional literary expertise. I’ve written articles for the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Los Angeles Times. I’ve been quoted in The Atlantic. I authored my own book, and now I help others write theirs.

I work with professionals in the following industries:

+ Doctors

+ Lawyers

+ Thought leaders

+ Business Owners

+ Social Media Influencers

+ Investors

I’ve been trusted by:

With me by your side, you will:

Have an accountability partner

Writing a book on your own isn’t easy. With me in your corner, you will have a consistent structure in place to make sure your book is completed in a timely manner. Another person being there for you and listening saves you from feeling like you’re writing into the void.

Have a personal sounding board

During our sessions, you will have the opportunity to read your work aloud – a safe space and productive way to test your sentences. A captive audience creates the ultimate environment for spinning your words into art.

Receive literary expertise

As an established writer and ghostwriter with 7+ years of experience in the world’s most prestigious publications, I am committed to ensuring your writing exudes quality. Your sessions come with trained insights on structure, pacing, vocabulary, and tone.

Finally get your book done!

People spend their whole lives dreaming of writing a book. Or they start a book and the entire process feels messy and disorganized – not doing their story justice. Give your book the expert care it deserves.

Don’t just hear it from me…

Listen to what my past clients have said after working with me:

“After years of writing in journals, random scrap papers and voice recordings on my phone(!), Amanda’s promise, “finally get your book done” spoke directly to me. She’s been a breeze to work with from beginning to end! She held me accountable on a weekly basis and provided viable resources for illustration and publishing. She is awesome!”

Anysh Girdhari,

Mental Health Professional, Florida

“As an amateur writer but avid reader, I’ve always wanted to write a book. This finally happened with the help of Amanda. With weekly meeting and achievable goals we developed a process to bring it to conclusion. Many thanks go to the “Finally get your book done” program, and getting to know and work with Amanda.”

Lisa Crapsi,

Animal Activist, New York

“I run social media accounts for a client with over 65 million followers across all platforms and was impressed by the way Amanda was able to understand the vision for my personal brand so intelligently. She understood my goals making the entire process smooth and efficient. She is friendly with a great sense of humor which made discussing ideas with her easy and enjoyable. I must admit I was skeptical when I reached out, but having seen the final product, I highly recommend her services. 10/10 would work with her again!”

Nikhil Deshpande,

Social Media Manager, Australia

“Her ability to articulate another person’s voice authentically never ceases to amaze me. She can take a concept from idea to form and dress it with the most nuanced elements of storytelling, painting the most powerful picture. She is a most fascinating mix of academia, journalism, pop culture, entertainment, and feminism all rolled into one. She has an incredible working style, and highly intuitive listening skills and is a pleasure to work with. Collaborative, supportive, creative, and brilliant, she can not only get your story out of your head and onto the page she can also send you in the right direction to have the highest possibility of getting noticed. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Judy Morris,

Executive Leadership Coach, California

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